Information for re-sellers:
For reseller inquiries, email distribution@sorbopads.com

Some installation instructions...

To install the pads, make sure the cylinder head is clean and free from oil or grease- otherwise the glue won't stick. Using a small amount of super glue or other suitable adhesive, apply a thin film either the cylinder head or sorbo pad. Do not get too much or the glue won't cure properly, and the pad may come off during firing. Align the pad on the head and press firmly to stick the pad down. Let the assembly sit for at least 30 minutes for super glue before reinstalling into your gun. Before you install, pull on the pad gently with your fingers. If the pad slides at all, the glue didn't stick right, so try again. If it seems to be stuck down well, then you should be good to go. Unfortunately, I can't be liable for pads that come off while firing, so if you don't feel comfortable installing the pad yourself, take it to someone you trust and let them do it.

About custom pads:
If you want a pad for a gun that isn't listed, please send an email to sales@sorbopads.com. I will get back to you and I will help you pick an existing size pad or will custom manufacture one for you.

About the pads themselves:
These pads are made right here in the USA from actual Sorbothane rubber. You can get it yourself from McMaster-Carr; however, this stuff is very difficult to cut accurately. That's where I come in. I manufacture each pad with a computer controlled CO2 laser cutter, giving you a perfect cut every time. If you've ever tried to cut your own pads, you know how hard this can be. Other suppliers offer very few pads that may or may not fit your needs- I have over 50 different combinations of pads that I can make to perfectly fit your setup.

Sorbo pads aren't a flashy upgrade, but they are a very important piece of a high-performance gearbox. Sorbo pads will do several things to help your gearbox perform at its peak. First, the pads absorb the shock of the cylinder smashing into the front of the gearbox. This is a primary cause of V2 gearbox cracking. While I won't promise your gearbox will never crack, the pads will definitely reduce the stress your gearbox sees on every shot. They also help prevent piston head cracking. Second, the pads can be used to correct your Angle of Engagement (AOE). The AOE is the angle at which your sector gear impacts your piston. If this angle is off, you will prematurely wear out your piston, and is a primary cause of stripped pistons in high-performance setups. I have three different thicknesses of pads that will correct your AOE by different amounts so you can get exactly what you need to make your gun perform perfectly. Finally, the pads make your gearbox quieter. If you're looking for stealth, the sorbo pads will greatly alleviate the banging noise caused by the piston slapping the front of the mechbox. For an example of what my pads can do, see this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEQxqW1K19I

"Don't sorbo pads reduce the velocity of your gun?"
There are conflicting answers to this question. The short answer: no. Long answer: The sorbo pads will indeed take up a small amount of space in your cylinder. However, this space is very small compared to the total volume of the cylinder itself. In most gun setups, the difference in velocity is not noticeable when the pad is installed correctly. There have been some reports of guns with extremely short barrels and extremely small cylinder volumes having velocity issues, but unless your barrel is around 5 inches long you will be fine. If you install the pad and it doesn't work out in your gun, the pads are easily removed. In my opinion, the benefits gained by the pads (especially the AOE correction) far outweigh the small change in velocity that you may not even notice.